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Boots In The Summer?

Let's face it, sometimes you just don't have time to get a pedicure, and sometimes you need a little extra coverage for your feet and require something sturdier than flats and a bit less casual than sneakers. So yes, summer boots are a thing. Most stylish options that can be worn year-round.

Although sandal season is in full force, instead of the tried-and-true sandal and combos, some of the most stylish stars and models are styling summer-dresses-and-boot outfits. Many have been populating street style images. Turns out there’s no need to wait until fall to wear those combat boots.

There are any number of ways to wear boots in the summer. The following are just a few.

  1. Ground mixed prints with a simple pair of booties

2. Use Them as a Pop of Color

3. Wear Them With Summery Basics

4. Give Timeless Dress a High-Fashion Twist

5. Try the See-Through Trend

While wearing boots in the summer may not be your thing, this article says you can't go wrong with white boots and a cute suit. Check it out and more at !

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