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Five Tips To Always Look Your Best pt.2

We’ve raised our kids, and many of us are now retired. It’s a natural inclination to want to kick back, feel comfortable and relaxed in our day to day dress as we get on in age. However, it’s important to remember that you’re still a vibrant, vital woman with a lot to offer, and how you dress can greatly impact your confidence and overall well-being. That’s why embracing these “Five Tips To Help You Always Look Your Best” is so important.

If you missed part one where I shared the first tip, “Wear Neutrals” you can read it here.

Today we will discuss the second tip, wear a blazer; and the third tip, invest in a pair of classic jeans. You’ll look effortlessly chic and stylish when you wear a blazer. It instantly elevates an outfit whether worn over a dress, with a skirt, or with pants. My personal preference is a timeless, all-occasion black blazer that you can wear year round. It’s a closet staple  that should be in ever wardrobe. If you want an elegant look, you might want one with brass or gold tone buttons that will pair well with gold or mixed metal jewelry.



You’ll be be surprised at how even wearing a blazer over jeans makes for a well put-together fit. With just the right shoes, whether pumps, booties, flats or sneakers, you can dress the look up or down. Adding other accessories like a scarf or structured handbag will take your fit to another level. And while we’re on the subject of jeans let’s round out this post with the third tip for helping you always look your best, investing in at least one pair of classic jeans that will last you for years.




If you ask women what clothing item is hardest to find, more often than not they’ll say jeans. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard. One must consider fit and style. Body type must also be considered to avoid jeans that are too tight, or too loose that can be altogether unflattering and even uncomfortable. This is true at any age, but with so many brands marketing toward a younger crowd these days, it can be even harder for older women. These are some jeans I recommend for women like me who are over 60, but want to remain stylish.

No matter what the occasion, or if there is one at all. Always style yourself to the utmost so that you always look your best. See you shortly for Part 3 of 3 when we discuss the last of five tips on how to do it. Stay tuned and keep styling.

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