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Five Tips To Help You Always Look Your Best pt.3

Ever wonder how some people look amazing in the simplest of outfits? It's because they know how to use accessories to make the ordinary extraordinary. Consider your favorite pair of jeans and a trusty white t-shirt. It's a functional yet lack lustre outfit. But pair them with a fun scarf, a gorgeous bag or a statement necklace and your style cred will shoot through the roof. All this without the effort or expense of going out and buying a new outfit.

Tip 4 is about adding accessories to best style an outfit. Styling involves tweaking and perfecting the small details that pull your look together.

Everyone has a few go to accessories they use to spice up, tone down or even completely transform many pieces of a wardrobe. For example, a string of classic white pearls can give almost any ensemble bonus points. Paired with a set of classy, simple pearl earrings, even if worn with a T-shirt, the one wearing them will certainly turn heads wherever she goes. Another example is adding a belt at the waist of a loose dress will make it conform to your shape. It can also be used to add colour or interest to your outfit. There are so many ways that you can use accessories to change the way an outfit makes you look and feel. Certain ones are considered staples and are best for any outfit.

Take a look at these accessory staples and consider what's in your collection and which ones you might want to add.



Understated Diamond Studs

Pearl Studs



Handbags Carry All Tote Clutch Top Handbag or Crossbody Black Satin


Bracelets Cuff or Bangle Tennis Chain Link or Charm

Necklaces Pearls Metal Two-Tone


Belts Leather Chain link


Scarves Floral Geometric


Square rectangle

Shawl or Pashmina

Scarves and pashminas will be uploaded to the RAS Emporium soon. Those with an immediate interest can contact me via the website.


Shoes Flats or loafers Basic Pumps Sneakers

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