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Five Tips To Help You Always Look Your Best


Do you know women who always look effortlessly chic, and stylish? Well, there’s no secret to looking that way if you incorporate a few styling tips to your wardrobe. Today we’re highlighting five of them.

The first tip is to wear neutrals. Why neutrals? Well, not only do they go with everything, they also have a timeless elegant look to them. The shades never go out of style and always look classy.

Black is the top neutral pick for most women, it certainly is for me. The color black is powerful, classy, and elegant, and everyone looks good while wearing it.








Wearing black (or any other neutral) day in and day out can feel more like a uniform and less like fashionable fun. Adding a pop of color is the best way to overcome that. Jewelry is a great way to add a pop of color or elevate your outfit! It helps to balance an outfit and make every ensemble look complete and fashion-forward. Here's are suggestions that will make a look a little more fresh and fun.



So, we’ve covered our first of five tips for helping you always look your best. Stay tuned for the other four tips and sign up on our website so you never miss a thing. Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos and other exclusive content! BTW - were also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check us out at Retired and styling. Until then …


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