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Make Getting Older Beautiful With These Make Up Tips

More often than not, getting older comes with feeling more comfortable in your own skin, you couldn’t care less what people think, and you don't waste your energy on drama.

That being said, our skin changes as we age, so we tweak our skincare routines accordingly to treat these new needs, and the same goes for makeup. While I advocate wearing whatever makeup you feel like at any age, you wouldn't use the same makeup products that you did in middle school, so why apply your makeupthe exact same way once you're over 40?

The reality is that when we talk about wearing makeup, it's often in relation to skin that's plump and tight. While mature skin is still commonly and wrongfully left out of the picture due to dated social constructs that young equals beautiful — it's far from the truth.

heir makeup tips and tricks for women over 40 who want to continue to celebrate their natural beauty.

Tip #1: Don't Skip on Skin Prep

"Great skin prep is particularly important for women over 40, both in the evening and in the morning, before applying makeup," says Fulvia Farolfi, a Chanel makeup artist who has worked with stars such as Victoria Beckham and Christy Turlington. "Dry skin will result in the foundation looking chalky, or too oily if using the wrong products."

Farolfi recommends using a gentle cleanser with a linen cloth and cool water at night. She's a fan of CHANEL Sublimage L'Eau de Démaquillage, a soothing cleansing water that also boosts radiance.

Streamline your nighttime routine with a moisturizer that also firms and lifts the skin. We like Pause Well-Aging's Collagen Boosting Moisturizer, which improves elasticity and increases skin density throughout all three stages of menopause. This moisturizer is deeply nourishing but light enough to use in the morning, too.

In the morning, make sure you're using a moisturizer that doesn't work against the type of makeup finish you're after. "Finding the right moisturizers and primers to achieve a healthy-looking skin is one of the most important steps before makeup application," says Carola Gonzalez, a celebrity makeup artist who works with Kerry Washington and Mindy Kaling.

For example, Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Moisturizer is packed with hyaluronic acid, which plumps and smooths skin. It's a great base for a dewy-finish foundation.

If you're after full coverage with a similar finish, NARS' Soft Matte Complete Foundation is another great option. The formula is sweat-proof, transfer-resistant, and contains ingredients that keep skin hydrated and protected from pollution, including blue light damage.

Speaking of coverage, if you wish to conceal any age spots, sun spots, or melasma, concealer is your best bet because piling on foundation can look cakey. "When covering spots, get a cream base concealer that provides full coverage, and is the same shade of your foundation," says Gonzalez.

Tip #3: Use Concealer to Cover Up Spots

The best way to cover up spots, according to Gonzalez, is to first apply foundation and then go over any spots with concealer using a small brush. "Dabbing over the area provides more coverage versus swiping," she says. "And make sure to blend the concealer with the foundation."

You're never too old to wear shimmer on your eyes, it's just all in the formula. Farolfi recommends using a cream shadow rather than a powder, which can get chalky on dry skin and emphasize any imperfections. She recommends highlighting the eyes with CHANEL's Ombre Première Laque, a long-wear liquid eyeshadow that has a glowing, rather than sparkly effect. It's available in five universal everyday shades from gold to bronze.

Tip #4: Approach Shimmer Cautiously

Tip #5: Mascara for an Instant Eye Lift

If you're hung up on how the skin on your upper eyelid is starting to slack, it's completely normal to feel this way. That being said, Gonzalez says that a few coats of volumizing mascara can instantly lift the eye area by making lashes stand out.

L'Oreal Paris is a classic volumizing formula that makes lashes appear thick and fluffy without getting flaky or smudging with wear.

Tip #6: Prime Your Lips with a Liner

Outlining your lips with a liner to keep lipstick from bleeding isn't a revolutionary concept. However, completely coating your lips with a liner can help extend the lifespan of your lip color. Farolfi suggests using a creamy liner that won't dry into the lips.

Gonzalez seconds on using a liner, recommending lining the lips just outside the lines to boost volume. "As women get older, lips lose volume, so lining your lips right on the edge or a bit outside the line can give the appearance of fuller lips," she says. A neutral liner or one that matches your lip color are foolproof shade options

We recommend Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil for its creamy texture that does not budge.

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