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Ready for Spring? Here’s fashion advice for all ages!

🌸 Focus on quality accessories!

Bags, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses and more.

Accessories are often the icing on the cake of a successful look. Favor pieces of good quality so as not to fall into caricature.

🌼Have good basics!

To have a wardrobe worthy of the name, we get timeless essentials to combine at will: straight jeans, men's shirt, black coat, white tee or sweater.

🌹Wear strong pieces

Dare to wear "statement" pieces: leather trench coat, embroidered jacket, printed sweater or flared jeans. It's all about measuring style sparingly.

🌻Try out new trends

Let yourselves be seduced by the new trends: tied shirt, leather skirt, maxi scarves or kitten heels. Try it sparingly but we dare to wear what you want. Because fashion goes out of fashion but style never does!

💐Wear color

Don't hesitate to add a vitamin touch to our looks with color. Fashionable elixir of youth guaranteed!

🌷Dare wearing a the total printed look!

Like print, denim, velvet and many others for a stylish look even after 50 years.

🌺Wear jeans

Modern material par excellence! Continue to wear jeans even after 50 years. Just learn to choose wear them with the pieces that will give a more sophisticated look.

🥀Avoid old clothes

In order not to grow old, avoid at all costs old pieces and prints. On the other hand, we also must avoid making tons of them with young pieces. Sneakers yes, but not with a crop top and a baggy.

🪷And above all: wear clothes in which you are comfortable. - Advice that prevails at any age!

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