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Simple Ways To Keep Your Body Active Throughout The Day

What do you do to ensure you get the needed exercise and movement to stay healthy and mobile? If you’re like me, there ‘s little time in your daily schedule for a full blown workout; but you know you need exercise. Research tells us even the littlest efforts are better than no effort at all. I just recently started maximizing the smallest of opportunities to get and stay fit. Take a look at an consider doing these …

1. Dance while cooking and cleaning.

2.Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. Stand up from your desk every hour.

4. Park in the far the parking spot.

5. Set stretch reminder alarms on your


6. Take a walk during your lunch break.

7. Hold a standing or walking meeting.

8. Start an office fitness challenge.

Creating and implementing a desk exercise routine is yet another way to keep your body active. Healthline shares 30 exercises to do at your desk. Follow this link to learn more and see some in action.

Lets move!

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