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Step In Style Thanksgiving Day

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! One of the biggest holidays of the year falls on November 25 this year. We always have a reason to give thanks, even when we’re still in a pandemic. Celebrating life, good health, and seeing friends and family again is always a reason! It won’t be long ‘til we bring out the turkey from the oven and enjoy it with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and of course, sweet potato pie - yum, yum! With a whole feast to devour, wearing comfortable clothing is also part of the tradition because we all know we need to make room for all that food!

The traditional Thanksgiving table spread complements the colors of fall. It’s a combination of orange, yellow, red, and brown hues with hints of green. You want to highlight those gorgeous colors where you can.

Shoes that feel and look good should definitely be a consideration when styling your Thanksgiving fit. Iconic footwear will captivate everyone around you while keeping you comfortable. Here are a few of my 2021 fall favs:

Sleek boots and booties

Comfy slides

Combat Boots

Kitten Heeled Pumps

Bold Animal Prints

A kimono, duster, or any type of topper is a sure bet!

Pantsuit or Jumpsuit

Festive Athleisure Wear

Leggings with Statement Top

Whether you’re dressing up for dinner, spending a relaxed time with just family, or celebrating big time with all your friends, let your Thanksgiving dinner attire be as memorable as the occasion itself. Here’s wishing a Happy Holiday season to you and yours!

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