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Be proud of who you are and love the skin you’re in. Beauty comes in various sizes, shapes and colors. Embrace curves, love the handles and the rolls. Learn them, love on them and if you are not happy with them, takes steps to either change your lifestyle or find resources to help you put your best curve forward. There are quite a few!

Fashion should be fun and experimental! With plus size fashion gaining mainstream exposure, many “experts” are quick to tell us plus size women how we should and should not dress. They’re giving us slimming tips, and creating rules for us to live by. Above all, DO YOU, whatever your size. If they give you a rule, “no horizontal stripes”, buck it! No loud patterns? Ummm, next! Have confidence and you determine what’s best for you.

Having a strong core to your wardrobe gives you a great foundation to build your style upon. With the right plus size fashion basics, there is no need to overhaul your entire closet each time the season changes, rather you only need to make it modern with key trend pieces! Check out the capsule wardrobe at to take a look at a few basic items with endless possibilities. Sign up while you’re there!

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