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Up And Out: Five Things to Toss From Your Closet

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

1. Things that don’t fit

We all remember how good we looked in certain outfits or specific clothing items. However, when we’re several pounds heavier and gaining more with each passing year, we have to be real with ourselves and recognize that some of those items we’ll never be able to wear again. It’s time to get them “up and out” to make room for the new and stylis.

2. Gifts that you’ve never worn

Can you recall a time when someone that’s near and dear to your heart gave you something that you knew upon receipt you’d never wear it? You “oowed and awwhhed” over it because that was the expectation. But the truth of the matter is you immediately wondered how you could get rid of it. I mean although you appreciated the thought, it just wasn’t “you”. As such, you hung it in the back of your closet with the idea of finding something to do with it later. Well, “later“ is now, and it’s time to get it and its companions “up and out”!

3. Things you keep because they cost a lot

Every once in a while you see something, and immediately you have to have it. You don’t even bother to look at the price tag. It speaks to you. You’ve got to have it! You can hardly wait to take it out of the bag and look at it when you get it home. It warms your heart to know you have it - it’s yours! You hang it in the closet near the front to wear for just the right occasion. Unfortunately, it’s the one that never comes. Over time, the must-have item gets pushed further and further to the back of the closet. Before long you’ve totally forgotten about it, except for those times when you accidentally bump into it while looking for something else. Hey, let it go. It’s time to get it “up and out” of there!

4. Things from days gone by

Like me and many of our counterparts, we have some things that we thought we looked great in back in the day. And although we know they’ve long since gone out of style, we’re waiting for that style to come back around again. Everything else has. Surely it will, right? But it hasn’t. And it’s more likely that it won’t. “Up and out” of there is where you must get it.

5. Things you just don’t wear

Have you ever come across something in your closet and you asked yourself, “where our earth did that come from”? Needless to say that needs to go.You’ve had it so long, you’d forgotten about it and no longer even recognize it. Send it ”up and out” of there. Quickly!

Just so you know, once you’ve gotten it all ”up and out”, one of the secrets to closet decluttering success is getting the items out of your house quickly and permanently. Storing unwanted items in the garage in a box waiting to take them to a thrift store or have a garage sale is not decluttering, it’s simply rearranging!

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